How we shall achieve our Goals

Humans are still considered to be the weakest link in cybersecurity. Over 90% of cyber breaches are as a result of human error. ZCAN is here to offer your organisations staff free cybersecurity training and assessments with high quality content that will ensure that the risk of having human vulnerability in your organisation is reduced. We offer cybersecurity awareness training tailored to staff at different levels within your organisation whether they are technical or non-technical staff, our team is well able to deliver high quality and effective awareness training. We also offer training workshops to schools, colleges and SMEs.

With our extensive network of cybersecurity professionals and vendors ZCAN is your one stop shop to get all your cybersecurity support and guidance whether it be technical training or specific vendor hardware you require we are able to link you or point you in the right direction.

We believe knowledge is power only if used in the right way. Therefore we have blog that has a list of articles that is continuously updated with information that will enable you develop good cyber hygiene practices at home, at work or at play. Our articles are well researched and offer guidance relating to cyber security threats and challenges that apply to our Zambian context.

ZCAN has partnered with Bongohive Zambia's First Innovation and Technology Hub. The purpose of this partnership is to enable SMEs that are mentored at the hub get access to free cybersecurity support services. The ZCAN Community meets frequently at Bongohive to discuss various cybersecurity issues such as data privacy, cybersecurity regulation and skills development career paths to mention a few.